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  India, in a joint initiative with the African Union, has launched the Pan-African e-network project, which will support tele-education, telemedicine, e-commerce, e-governance, infotainment, resource-mapping and meteorological services *


VVIP Network

VVIP Network

Heads of States Network

1. The V V I P network will provide Video-Conferencing, Voice over IP and Internet service facilities to all the Presidents of the 53 African Union Member States.

2. This will enable real-time consultation among the African Presidents. Every President will be provided with a VSAT terminal that connects to the Pan-African hub.

3. The VSAT will be interfaced with a multimedia computer, a video-conference system and a VOIP phone.

4. The VVIP network will use VPN security and will provide the required security for such a sensitive network.